Best Gentlemen’s Club Bachelor Party Package in Las Vegas

Congratulations, you’re planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas!

You’re likely looking at numerous options and trying to plan an amazing experience that your whole party will enjoy.

You can now relax because the VIP professionals at Crazy Horse 3 are going to make this super easy for you!

Q. How Much Does it Cost?

A. Packages start at $399, but we regularly run specials so call for the latest and best prices!

Q. What’s Included?
A. Everything! You get one premium bottle with ulimited juice and soda carafes. You’ll arrive in style with out free limo service from your hotel to the club. Enjoy VIP Table seating on the main floor as well as expedited VIP entrance. Free Cover charge.  AND $100 worth of dances for the bachelor! You’ll also get a shout out and free bottle presentation.

Q. So How Does it All Work?

A. Read on!

Arrive Like a Boss with Our Free Limo Service

You’ll arrive in style in one of our modern, well-appointed vehicles.

How Does the Free Limo Service Work?

It’s included in your bachelor party package! We’ll schedule your pickup time and location. Approximately 20 minutes before your scheduled pickup, one of our friendly chauffeurs will be dispatched to your location.
You’ll receive a call between 10-20 minutes prior to your pickup time. The driver will give you an estimated arrival time. He will also give you detailed instructions on where to meet him (usually the main valet/taxi area). You’ll also be informed of what type and color of vehicle you can expect. If you ever have any question if you have the right driver, simply ask him to call your phone. If the driver can’t do that, it’s the wrong driver! Immediately call the driver who contacted you back and ask for clarification. Odds are, he’s on his way, or down the line at the pickup area.

Be sure you wait to get a call from the driver. If you head outside and wait, every cab driver, Uber/Lyft driver, promoter, or limo driver is going to try to hassle you to get in their car for a ‘better deal’. Don’t get taken for a chump ride with jacked up prices and broken promises. If the driver doesn’t know your phone number, it’s not our driver! When in doubt, call the number back that contacted you and connect with the driver directly.


Q. What hotels does your free limo service pick up from?
A. We service all major hotels & casinos on the strip all the way to Downtown Las Vegas. For larger parties that pre-pay for bottle service, we expand our pickup area, call in advance for details.
Q. How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book?
A. For large bachelor parties, we recommend making arrangements at least 24 hours prior to your desired pickup time. This will ensure we have transportation on hold that will fit your entire party. For smaller groups, on most nights, if you give us 30 minutes notice we can be there on time. If it is exceptionally busy, such as a big fight night, holiday, or a major convention is in town, it can take longer. The more lead time you give us, the better the odds we can accommodate your party.

Q. Is There Alcohol Served in the Limo?
A. No, due to liquor service regulations, we do not offer alcohol in our limos. You may bring your own, however. We recommend only bringing a small amount, just enough for the ride. You will not be able to bring outside drinks into the club, and there is no place to store it.

Q. Will Other People be in the Limo?
A. If you have a large party, it will most likely be only your party. If y9ou have a more modest group and get picked up during peak hours, it’s very likely there will be others in your ride. Because it is free, we attempt to pick up as many people as possible in one trip. However, if you come early in the evening, your odds of being alone increase.

Q. Can We Get a Private Limo?
A. Yes, but it’s not free. Call for details.

Q. Can We Cruise the Strip / See the Sights in the Free Limo
A. No. However, some of our drivers may become “lost” and drive around town for a few minutes if you slip them a Benjamin.

Bottle Service Details

Your choice of one one premium bottle.
Bottle Presentation by the beautiful Crazy Horse 3 Waitstaff
Shout Out – This lets the entire club know you’re back on the market and celebrating!
You also get unlimited carafes of soda and juice, as well as ice to make your drinks.


VIP Bottle Service Girls having some fun in the club!

VIP Experience

Upon arrival, just let the hostess know you’ve booked the bachelor party package online, and leave it to the professionals. You’ll get to go to the front of the line since you’re VIP right? The staff will also help you select a table, as well as get your bottle order queued up.
You waitress will bring your bottle to the table on an elegant cart brimming with accouterments for your pleasure. As mentioned, unlimited juice and soda will be available, as well as ice. Next, the waitress performs the bottle presentation, making sure every aspect is to your liking.

Now that you have your table and a fine drink, sit back and enjoy the show. You’re surrounded by the hottest girls in Las Vegas. You’ve got amazing music pumping energy into the space.  You’re with your friends, enjoying the finer things in life.

You’re celebrating your bachelor party VIP style!