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Crazy Horse 3 Divorce Party Planning: Say ‘Bye Felicia’ in Style

Hosting a divorce party is the latest trend in breakups. These days, it’s not just weddings and romantic unions that are celebrated with a bang—so are divorces and break-ups! Being set free from a bad, soul-sucking relationship is a big milestone indeed and should be marked with fun and revelry.

Bringing Sexy Back

After a long relationship ends, it’s hard to feel sexy. The spark died out long ago, the romance is gone, and likely your sex life followed suit. Revitalizing your self-image and desires goes a long way to completing the healing process.

Step 1: Get a new outfit that makes you feel young, sexy and energized. The Fashion Show Mall offers tons of great shops filled with luxury & designer clothes and accessories. If you’re frugal or of lesser means, there are two awesome outlet malls (north and south) where you can get amazing deals on just about anything.

Step 2: Freshen up. Splurge on a luxury spa treatment, get your hair cut at a world-class salon, get in an intense workout. Energize yourself for a great night out!

Step 3: Call us! We host divorce parties regularly, and our staff and dancers know how to make sure your night is everything you need to get back in the game!

Step 4:  Come up with a theme for your party and invite your friends.

Party Favors

If you’ve spent much time in clubs or bars around Las Vegas, you’ve probably seen themed party groups. You know, the group of girls decked out in phallus accouterments for a bachelorette party? Or a big group of guys wearing matching t-shirts announcing their friend’s bachelor party?

There’s no reason your divorce party can’t crank up the fun factor with themed costumes or gag gifts. Just make sure to stray on the side of classy, so you don’t get rejected for dress code violations.

Pro tip: Give the attendees the theme, and let them pick the actual items themselves. There’s nothing worse that being in public while being forced to wear something you’re not comfortable wearing. This allows everyone to add their own special spin on their look, and they’ll be more energized to participate and enjoy themselves. If you have someone who is being a party pooper, you can even get a gag gift to ensure they stay positive. Something embarrassing like a toilet ring or phallus hat will ensure people will at least pretend to be having fun, even if they’d rather be at home laying in bed playing Candy Crush with their herd of cats.

Assemble the Team

Meetup with the team at your favorite dinner spot or lobby bar, and get everyone pumped for the night. Be sure to let everyone know the purpose of the evening is to make sure the divorcee has a good time. That means the night is not about you, it’s about them. No fighting. Keep your phone in your purse or pocket. Focus on having fun together!  Again, wield your party pooper hat when necessary to keep people in line. It’ll be fun, and they’ll want to play along to make sure they don’t end up looking ridiculous in all the photos you’re going to post to social media!

Document the Carnage

The one exception to the “keep your phone in your pocket” rule should be to make sure there is a large body of evidence to be shared with the world. You know your ex is still checking out your feeds to see how you’re doing without them right? Make sure they know you are having a blast, and missing them is the furthest from your mind. Pictures doing shots with your friends, stuffing ones in a garter belt, hanging out with celebs, all those go along way to setting you free and enacting your revenge!

Ok, now that you’ve assembled your team and you have a game plan, it’s time to head to the gentlemen’s club and put everything into play…

More Than Just a Gentlemen’s Club

Crazy Horse 3 is a popular gentlemen’s club, but it’s not just all about strippers and sexy dancers. Our classy and sophisticated club can also host a number of other types of gatherings, like bachelor and bachelorette parties, romantic couple’s anniversaries, and even corporate after-convention events.

Divorce parties are just among the many celebrations that are very popular at Crazy Horse 3. In fact, blonde bombshell Courtney Stodden recently had her own divorce party here, celebrating her breakup with “Lost” actor Doug Hutchison with an evening of laughter and lap dances.

Had so much fun @crazyhorse3lv #lasvegas #sincity

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What’s more, we make it convenient and easy for you with our pre-arranged party packages—any of which you can choose for your own party. Just be sure to go online and book in advance to enjoy these Crazy Deals.

Party Like a Rockstar

A chance to party with a famous celebrity, athlete, or guest DJ is one of the great appeals of our venue. We’ve hosted bashes for Kevin Federline, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, Jenna Jameson to name a few. We have world famous DJs pop in for guest sets all the time including DJ Kittie, DJ CLA, Brooke Evers, and more.

Partying with famous people always makes you feel more alive and energized, plus the selfies are great to post on social media to make sure your ex knows your living the life!


Great Deals on Divorce Party Packages

The Professional VIP Vegas package is a good choice for newly single people out there because you can feel like a boss and be in charge of a night of fun with your closest friends. For only $50 per person (from an original value of $140), you can foot the bill for your entire entourage, whether big or small.
The Professional VIP Vegas experience starts off with luxury transportation via limousine to Crazy Horse 3, and you enjoy VIP front-of-line entry and waived admission charges. You and your guests also enjoy access to the main room of the club, and you get to choose your favorite drink from our bar menu with the complimentary $60 beverage voucher.

The More, the Merrier

You can also choose to go with other Crazy Horse 3 group deals, starting with the Getting Crazy package good for a group of five people or less. Enjoy the same luxury limo experience and VIP front of line entry with waived admission charge plus lounging in the club’s main room. With this package, your party gets a bottle of your favorite branded champagne or liquor. Choose from our offerings of Skyy Vodka, Seagram’s 7 Whiskey, Maestro Dobel Tequila, Johnnie Walker Red, Bacardi Rum, Hendrick’s Gin or Freixenet champagne, plus unlimited soda and juice carafes. All these come at a standard price of almost $500, but they can be yours for only $329.

For bigger groups of up to 10 persons, there’s the Too Crazy deal priced at $649, and The Three Horses package for 10 persons or more at $899. These packages come with the same big shot benefits and more bottles of drinks of your choice—truly good value for your money.

Delicious Treats

Make your divorce party even more satisfying with the right grub to go with your drinks. You can choose from our extensive menu of sushi and bar chow specialties. These include everything from old-time favorites likes fries, onion rings, and calamari to our very own versions of nigiri, pizza, and hot wings.

You can also pick an exquisite cigar from our exclusive collection of premium international brands, or you can share a puff of hookah (shisha) with your friends.

Say Sayonara to Your Ex Now!

You only live once, and revenge is sweet, so you better get out of the dumps fast! Say goodbye to your ex in style with a fun divorce party that can only happen in Las Vegas at Crazy Horse 3, one of the most happening clubs in the city.

Choose to hold your divorce party in our place, and we will make everything happen for you, easily and effortlessly! Our event planners will help you create a memorable event that will go down in history as one of the happiest moments in your life!

And while you’re in Las Vegas, don’t forget to explore the many other things the city has to offer. It is just the perfect place for a quick getaway after your split, thanks to the top-notch entertainment, world-class retail therapy, relaxing wellness destinations, glamorous party places, and other attractions.