Katie Morgan enjoying hookah at Crazy Horse III

Enjoying Las Vegas After Hours at Crazy Horse 3

Whether you’re planning a short trip to celebrate a long weekend, arranging a bachelor party for your best buddy, or looking forward to a week-long trip for one awesome adventure, you can’t go wrong with Las Vegas. This Town has it all: bright lights, hot strippers, fabulous displays of wealth, and the best culinary wonders—all…
Courtey Stodden posing with pile of cash at her Crazy Horse 3 divorce party

Crazy Horse 3 Divorce Party Planning: Say ‘Bye Felicia’ in Style

Hosting a divorce party is the latest trend in breakups. These days, it’s not just weddings and romantic unions that are celebrated with a bang—so are divorces and break-ups! Being set free from a bad, soul-sucking relationship is a big milestone indeed and should be marked with fun and revelry. Bringing Sexy Back After a…